Facet5 – Accreditation & Training with Dr. Christine von der Heide and Viola Naust-Schulz

Measuring Personality
Developing Your Full Potential

As Facet5 Trainers, we use the Facet5 Personality Model to support individuals and teams to realise their full potential. We offer Facet5 Accreditations and Facet5 Traininglive and virtual.

Proven in Practice

Facet5 is used by major companies for employee and team development.


Facet5 is the solution for effective Personal Development, Team Development, Recruitment and Leadership Training.


Facet5 is a science-based and easily understood Personality Model based on the Big5 personality theory.
Facet5 Akkreditierung & Training mit Dr. Christine von der Heide und Viola Naust-Schulz

Your Facet5 trainers Viola Naust-Schulz and Dr. Christine von der Heide.

Facet5 – Personality Model

Leverage your Facet5 Profile

Facet5 is one of the most advanced tools for personality analysis and is used in many companies and organizations worldwide. You can answer our questions online where ever you are. We create your Facet5 Profile. Through our Personal Feedback Session you will understand yourself and your impact on others better, so that you can achieve your goals more quickly. Our tools provide long-lasting impact for you.

Facet5 – Accreditation

Become a Facet5 Expert

In our 2-day Facet5 Accreditation workshop, we will train you to become a certified Facet5 Practitioner. You will learn the science behind the Facet5 Personality Model and explore practical applications from more than 30 years of global projects and case studies. For your international applications, Facet5 is available in over 30 languages. After the workshop, you will be able to actively and immediately use Facet5 in your working environment.

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„First of all, I think that it is an amazing tool and so professionally well done. Personally speaking, I have to tell you that this report has given me a clear vision about my actual personality, my way of facing people, situations and even ‘problems’. It helps me to pay attention to my strengths, especially at this moment of my life that I am reinventing myself as a Professional. With this information I can make my Business Model (case) with more clarity and helps me to feel more secure about my own resources. My ‘weak’ points from the report, I understand them, I agree with them, and I got inspired to be more conscious about them because not improving those issues might affect the results from my business. As a tool I’d highly recommend it to people who wants to change jobs, Startups, Entrepreneurs, and of course Management people. This report is one not to read one time and done, I will go through again and again.“

Claudio Acuna

Leader of the Coaching Spirale Entrepreneur Lab
Persönlichkeitsentwicklung mit Facet5 Profil

„Die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter empfinden die Arbeitsatmosphäre nach der Teamentwicklung als offener und vertrauensvoller. Sie sehen neben ihrem eigenen Beitrag zu einer erfolgversprechende Teamarbeit auch den Beitrag der anderen und schätzen ihn mehr.“

Robert Schulting

Director Controlling LR
Teamentwicklung mit Facet5 und TeamScape 

„Vor anderen und für mich selbst im Klaren sein, was die beruflichen und privaten Ziele in den nächsten Jahren sind, toll! Das Potential als Unternehmerin, das in mir steckt, zu erkennen und selbstbewusst zu akzeptieren, super! Das Coaching war toll und ich schaue immer noch selbstbewusst in die Zukunft, jetzt auch mit der Förderung durch die GIZ!“

Edith-Laure Kouam

Gründerin von Sasazezcom, online customer Service
Coaching für Selbständige

„Thank you again for the fantastic activities and coaching at the awayday. I have had a lots of good feedback from the staff and they already want to know when the next day will be!“

Paola Morris

Director of Business Administration, Dulwich College
Teambuilding for 72 Dulwich Participants

„Ich habe Frau Dr. von der Heide gebeten, mit einer Impulspräsentation den Auftakt zu einer grossen Personalentwicklungsmassnahme zu gestalten, die Einzelinterviews, Teamcoaching und Workshops für acht Abteilungsleiter umfasst. Ihre Präsentation war ein voller Erfolg. Für mich und meine Mitarbeiter ein Volltreffer!“

Peter Tempich

General Manager of Volkswagen New Mobility Services Investment Company Ltd.

„My coaching sessions with Mrs. Christine von der Heide supported an even more structured work approach for my business work in China and enabled a better personal approach with my daily overall challenges. I can highly recommend her to other top management clients.“

Stephanie Heydolph

VDMA Services GmbH
Coaching für Führungskräfte

VON DER HEIDE coaching / Dr. Christine von der Heide und Viola Naust-Schulz

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Facet5 – Trainer

VON DER HEIDE coaching

At VON DER HEIDE coaching, we, Viola Naust-Schulz and Dr. Christine von der Heide, have been working with companies successfully for eight years on various projects in Europe and China. Since our Facet5 Training in London, we have applied the tools effectively for our clients’ teams with personnel and organisational development; both in large companies such as Samsung, VW, Jaguar Landrover and Daimler and in medium-size companies such as LR Health and Beauty and Calderys as well as in private institutions such as the Foreign Office in Berlin, the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Dulwich College, An essential element of our success is the certification of employees and independent consultants as Facet5 Practitioners.